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Kitchens Define our Homes. The most Valuable Exposure to Relatives/Friends. At Unique Interiors we design the best Kitchens

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  • All Unique Interiors modular kitchens come with the option of installation and assembly
  • Any electrical, civil or plumbing work that may be required is not included but will not be provided by Unique Interiors based on request
  • For the installation process our technicians will require access to live power and a few days or hours to complete the job
  • Once your order is placed our experts will manage to co-ordinate the installation process
  • For further queries, kindly get in touch with us at the follow email account or Call +91-9743784653 or +91 9916306660
  • Delivery and installation of all products is done by Unique Interiors


  • We offer replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects for all our kitchens
  • The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear and excludes commercial use
  • In case of manufacturing defects or damage during transit, the product will be replaced.
  • Mail us the details of the damage at Unique , with photographs within 24 hours, to process such claims


  • Only use mild cleaning agents to remove grease, as abrasive agents might cause damage
  • To maintain the look of your modular kitchen, regularly wipe down the cabinets with a damp cloth
  • For hard to remove stains, gently use a nylon-bristled hand brush or vegetable brush
  • Thoroughly clean hinges and crevices with an old toothbrush that has been soaked in soap water
  • Clean handles with a damp cloth and wipe them dry to prevent marks, apply lemon oil immediately after to make them shine
  • Use a mild solution of vinegar and salt to remove rust spots
  • Use a mild solution of vinegar and salt to remove rust spots


Every home is unique and so is your requirement. What your family’s eating habits are, size of your family and availability of space, all are crucial when it comes to designing your kitchen. It’s the layout of the kitchen, not its colour or its style - that determines how easy it is to cook, serve and socialize in the kitchen. At the most basic level, the layout comprises of the placement of the appliances, the sink(s), the cabinets, the counters, the windows and doors, and furniture such as a kitchen table and chairs, etc. The most common kitchen layouts include the one-wall kitchen, the galley kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen, the G-shaped kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen and the island kitchen. With us, you will find the exact solution topped with amazing designs and material/ colour options to suit your needs.

About Us

It takes hands to build a house and hearts to build a home and we agree with it completely. At Angelo , when we say that we will help you create your dream home, we mean pouring our hearts in to it.

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